Sunday, July 3, 2011

59 20 52 20 55 20 6d 61 64 3f

 Level Up! "And then there were 7.."...That was brutal! (and it could have been worse)

(in Hexadecimal code) Message+Codeword BACKUP
The code word for that horrendous puzzle was "BACKUP", as in "save your data". The full message reads "Save a backup of your personal files offline,`like your pictures, and text documents. Save early, save often! Code word: BACKUP"

In a worse-case-scenario, you may not be able to retrieve your cherished personal documents, including photos, text documents, or saved files. You should (ideally) , keep an offline (like CD-rom) copy of all the things on your computer you just simply couldn't bear losing. (Good policy against hard drive crashes, too.) "Save early, save often. Save offline"

Some systems (like Windows) allow you to create a "Restore point", in case some new program completely ruins your current configuration, allowing you to "step back in time" to an earlier, and safer time for your Operating System. Always good to "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst".

Great job, Guardians! That was way too close to "Game Over", huh? Sadly, we lost more Guardians...

"Oh, no3s! I n33d mah to3s! I pwn mah fo3s!...wait, WHAT?! nonononoooo!"

Sometimes, in life, as in games, (including W101), we find ourselves teamed up with players of varying skill levels. Just like ITS, in a battle we have to watch what every player is doing, what card they're playing, and how it affects us.

In our focus to "Beat our Goals", we can be SO focused, that we do not foresee the detrimental effects of the cards we cast, on the actions of our fellow party members.

Granted, it's harder to keep track of 10 other Guardians, as opposed to 3 other wizards in a Dueling Circle, but our Guardians tried valiantly (and ethically) to save the others. Can't have help, forever, though. You denied The User an "Achievement", that can't be good , (for us)

 The "Mouse Save" is still playable for upcoming challenges.

We got the Hex code (AutDOSk) out of quarantine, AND got it re-compiled, so now all we have to do is...

>Whaaaat is this place? Why have you brought me here! I DEMAND answers!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Hex! Easy, now!
>Easy? You want me to take it EASY!?!
> ....well...

 >..."Okay"... but you'd better have an interesting answer, or I'll offline everyone here.
Umm..Okay, Hex... we're all friends, here
> Friends? You tried to DELETE me!
Well, we thought you were a virus.
> I AM a "virus", you bit brain! And you're a "Necromancer". Your home is in a "Graveyard". You ARE "Poison Ivy", are you not? Really, I expected more out of you, "AutumnalDusk"...
Well, that's all true, but...
This was once "High Tech"
> My, my. You're not the brightest LED, are you? I got tired of waiting for you at C0deHexWitch. You never post there, anymore. So sad. HiaG seemed like such a fun place! So many good wizards! I just wanted to get in on the fun, and entertain your "Spir@l".  By the way, why do you spell it that way? It's just confusing.
Well, I just..
> Oh, look! You have Nulls! How sweet! I miss my Nulls. Can I keep one, pretty please?
Hex, those are Fallen Guardians, we've been fighting a User and Daemon
> Guardians? Like my Dear, Sweet, Bob? Oh, how awful that you couldn't protect your own protectors. Such a shame! Ah, how I do miss Bob. And Daemon? Pfft,  Little Miss 'Blah, blah, blah,"0ne", this. Blah, blah, blah "Join us", that.' So boring, and repetitive. She's not *interesting* at all. Not like you guys...
Well, we got you out of quarantine. We need your help. We have to take back HiaG!
>Scuzzy would have gotten me out, eventually. Why should I help? A crash would be entertaining. If I hadn't been so distracted with planning my surprise, and you&your little crew *helping* Daemon with her silly little "ASHCan" stunt.
Yes, we know, we know! We need you. Your near-transfinite powers are out best chance to...
> Only.
> You said "best chance". I believe you meant to say "ONLY chance", didn't you?
Ah, yes, right. Sorry, Hex..." ...our ONLY chance to defeat Daemon, and take back HiaG."
> Oh, you sweet-talker, you! Perhaps I could be convinced to help you, if you prove your Guardians are as clever as my Bob. (Oh, how I do miss Bob). He was ever so clever. Ha, I'm a poet!. Maybe I should take up my Art, again..
Uh, yeah, "sure", Hex...we can talk about that, but how are we Guardians to prove our "cleverness"?
> Easy, simply answer my riddle. I do so love playing games...
> Begyourpardon?
Nothing, Hex, didn't mean to interrupt,sorry..
> Yes, you are, aren't you? As I was saying, all you have to do is correctly answer my question. "Easy". If you can't manage that, then you're more of a hazard than a help to me. I simply cannot tolerate inept assistants...
Oh, so if we "assistants" prove our cleverness, you'll help us?
> Isn't that what I said?
Well, Guardians, you heard the's Hex's Riddle. (fyi, this is what logic gates are and a CPU is, you might need to know this.)


  1. This was much easier!!!! (Why did you give all that computer info and not use it?)
    The answer would be that you have to start with 11.25 Energy in order to get through all doors and finish with zero (11.25 a> 12.5 b> 7.5 c> 5 d> 0)< those numbers are the energy after going through door.>
    But yeah 11.25 energy!

  2. Lol! So these are the "Byte" Trials!
    (So that's why you shared that info!) hehe

  3. Well I got 11.25

  4. Psst... I gotta be quick, Guardians, Daemon's on to me. Like most mazes, sometimes it's easier to solve if you start at the goal and work backwards. Zero at the end means I had 5 going out gate D. It got doubled in the CPU so there were 2.5 after gate C, add 5 meant I had 7.5 going into C. Add another 5, had 12.5 when I went out gate B. That's been doubled, so I had 6.25 coming into the first CPU. And I lost 5 going into gate A, so I had to start with 11.25 energy. Let Hex know for me, would you? Good luck!

  5. I know I'm not in anymore (couldn't get on all day) but the answer is 11.25 or eleven and one forth

  6. You should carry 11.25 energy into the CPU.

  7. 11.25-5=6.25 (Enter through A)
    6.25x2=12.5(Double in CPU)
    12.5-5=7.5(Exit through B)
    7.5-5=2.5(Enter through C)
    2.5x2=5(Double in CPU)
    5-5=0(Exit through D)

    So you start your journey with 11.25 but you only (technically) take in 6.25 because you pay before you get in,as seen above.

  8. KBB would be proud! I used my algebraic kungfu :)

    You should have 7.5 energy to go through all gates and come out with ZERO.


  9. Um, it looks like I got the wrong answer.


    I doubled the time BEFORE I went through the gate.

    7.5 (doubled)=15 - 5 (in GATE A)=10 -5 (out GATE B)=5 (doubled)= 10 - 5 (in GATE C)=5 -5 (out GATE D)=0